Semi Permanent Make Up

Brenda trained in Semi-Permanent Make-Up 1998 with Susan Church of The International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics in California and Sandi Hammon of The American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics in Texas.

She works with Alopecia sufferers and Chemo patients whose eyebrows have not grown back as well as clients who wish to enhance their thinning brows. Brenda also runs accredited trainings courses for students wishing to learn how to do Semi-Permanent Make-Up.

Semi-Permanent Make-Up is a procedure that can never be rushed and Brenda takes time to ensure her client's comfort whilst working by applying topical numbing creams.

She will not perform a treatment unless a patch test and consultation have been previously done. Treatment is done in private as for some clients this is a very personal treatment.

Cost of treatment includes consultation, procedure and a follow-up treatment, if necessary, 1 month later.

Lips :

  • Define shape
  • Fuller lips without the use of collagen
  • Lipstick that will not kiss off


    EYEBROWS eyebrows EYEBROWS eyebrows EYEBROWS eyebrows

Eyebrows :

  • Define shape
  • Thicker
  • Shaped to frame the eyes


    EYEBROWS eyebrows EYEBROWS eyebrows EYEBROWS eyebrows eyebrowsEYEBROWS


  • Eyeliner, top and bottom
  • Lash enhancement, defines the eyes, lashes look thicker


    EYEBROWS eyebrows EYEBROWS eyebrows EYEBROWS eyebrows


Hair strokes

whether done with micro blade or microneedle do not have the longevity of the powdered technique because stroking the needle through the skin to create a "hair like' mark does not actually implant the pigment as deeply as the powdered fill method. It will need a touch up more frequently as it fades faster (particularly strokes done with a lighter colour). So if it is important to have longevity and less expenditure the hair stroke technique is probably not the best option.
In mature skin the hair stroke technique does not stay in the skin as well defined as a younger more elastic skin.
An option is to initially have a powder fill using a slightly lighter colour than finally desired and when healed to have hair strokes added in a slightly darker colour. This results in better definition and longevity.
In the past some powdered brows have turned orange over time but new pigments now do not do this. If this has occurred can be corrected to restore to original colour very easily.
Powdered technique results in much better definition and if the pigment is not saturated 100% into brow can look very natural. Some younger clients prefer a dramatic high definition brow. Brows are very personal and technicians should always listen to their client's wishes as to the desired look they are aiming for and explain the expenditure involved.

Hair strokesHair strokes Hair strokesHair strokes

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