Red Vein Removal

Say Goodbye to Thread Veins Immediately. Also called Spider Veins, Thread Veins, Telangiectasia, Vascular Blemish, Broken Capillaires

There are many different causes of vascular blemishes, mostly heredity, but fair skinned types are more prone. Ageing, excessive sun or cold exposure, trauma to the skin and improper blackhead extraction are also causes.

Removed by Shortwave Diathermy produces results equivalent to lasers without the pain, purpura or price. Only treats facial and upper body telangiectasia, not for varicose veins.

A heat energy is administered via a fine needle destroys the vein and causing it to instantly disappear without damaging the skin. No risk of burns, bruising, scarring or pigmentation making it appropriate for all skin types, age groups, ethenticity, male or female. There is minimal skin reaction unlike laser which cause wide areas of inflammation.

Treatment session is approximately 15mins usually completing treated area without needing a return visit.


Red Veins