Micro-Needling (Dermal Roller & Needling)

Purpose of micro-needling:

Improve wrinkles, acne scars, chickenpox scars, cellulite and stretch marks. Also used for better absorption of appropriate skin care products.

How it works:
Appropriate needles used to trigger skin's natural healing response by stimulating new collagen production making skin firmer, tighter, to diminish lines, wrinkles, scars.

Do needles injure skin?
No injury to the skin is caused. Appropriate needle size is used for specific problem.
Smaller needles are used for trans-dermal absorption of selected serum and will not stimulate collagen production. No healing time is necessary as skin heals almost immediately. Safe for all skin types and colour. There is no risk of pigment changes.
Larger needles are used for collagen stimulation for anti-aging or scar reduction. Results are seen after 4 -6 weeks, regular maintenance treatments are necessary to maintain collagen production achieved. Some redness occurs after treatment but this soon subsides.

Advanced Anti-Aging Treatment
Light Therapy (LED) is beneficial after needling to enhance recovery processes in the skin. Red and Blue LED stimulate circulation and increase metabolic activity.