Fibroblast Plasma Treatment

What is Fibroblast Plasma Treatment?

Skin Tightening using an electrical arc (plasma) on skin needing tightening.

What areas can be treated?

All areas of face and body.

Does it work on scars?

Can be used on chickenpox scars, stretch marks and scars

How does it work?

The arc does not touch the skin but the heat penetrates to the papillary layer of skin where there are fibroblast cells resulting in stretching and tightening of the cells. The excess skin is reduced resulting in a lift procedure and wrinkle reduction. No cutting or stitching like cosmetic surgery.

How does this anti-ageing treatment compare to laser resurfacing?

Even though the skin gets damaged it is in a controlled manner and does not burn off like ablative laser and there is no open wound during the healing process.

What happens after the treatment?

Small dry spots scab over needing 5-7days to fall off naturally, not picked off. Client must keep the skin dry and clean. Full aftercare information is given.

Is there swelling around eye area?

The eye area is very sensitive and yes, it does swell up a few days after treatment so treatment has to be planned around client’s social life.

Is more than one treatment needed?

Some clients may need more than one treatment to reach the result they require. Results vary with individuals depending on area and wrinkle depth