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Brenda Harper M.S.B.Th.C., I.T.E.C., M.S.B.Th.

Initially trained at the Barbara Daly School of Beauty Therapists, Chelsea, London and Veronica Orr School of Beauty, Cobham, Surrey.

Later trained in Semi-Permanent Make-Up with Susan Church at The International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics, California and Sandi Hartman of The American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics, Texas.



Brenda owned a Skin Care Clinic in Orange County, California for 20 years and was fortunate to learn from some of the leading skincare specialists there. She has worked with Dermatologists, GPs and Cosmetic
Surgeons who appreciate working with a Clinical Aesthetician as together they can give the client the results they want.


Developed her skills in Skin Peels from Dr. James Fulton Jr (co-developer of Retin-A) and from Visual Changes International, California.

Her work involves corrective skin care to control acne, reduce acne scarring, scars, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and firming skin for a more youthful appearance. Semi-permanent make-up to enhance, lips, eyebrows and eyes. Non laser tattoo removal to erase unwanted tattoos.

Her accredited trainings are private with no more than two students per training course giving the student/s individual attention working at a pace the trainee is comfortable with. All successful students have ongoing support to assist them in their careers.

Removal method known as Advanced Electrolysis/Advanced Cosmetic Procedure - see  www.beautyresource.org.uk  - Useful Articles (advanced cosmetic procedures)